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Blazing a new Consolidated Audit Trail

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Latest CFD bans threaten listed products

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T+1: The case for one-day settlement in Europe

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How to bring APAC’s equity options markets to life

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A new playbook for Europe’s capital markets


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We believe the Consolidated Audit Trail is a useful tool for regulators to evaluate #equity and #options markets. But agreement on its most foundational measures remains elusive. In our latest Insight, we give our recommendations for improving the #CAT.

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Blazing a new Consolidated Audit Trail - Optiver

Restructuring the CAT in a way that is sustainable, cost efficient and practical.


The TRADE is delighted to launch a new buy-side survey in partnership with @OptiverGlobal exploring cash-equity trading and market structure in Europe. We would be grateful if could take a few minutes to complete this survey using the following link: https://tinyurl.com/bdd2p2ry

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