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Buy-side European cash equity trading trends

In late 2023, Optiver partnered with The Trade to conduct a buy-side survey, with the aim of identifying emerging trends in cash equity trading and market structure.

Our survey included a broad range of respondents in terms of firm type, size and regional coverage. Active asset managers made up roughly one-third of respondents, with private banks accounting for 20%. The vast majority of respondents traded European markets, with 46% also trading in North America and a further 30% trading in Asia. Larger firms were well represented, with a quarter of respondents holding more than $250 billion AUM, alongside a wide spectrum of firms holding less than $50 billion in assets.

Click below to see what responses from 225 buy-side traders revealed.

DISCLAIMER: Optiver V.O.F. or “Optiver” is a market maker licensed by the Dutch authority for the financial markets to conduct the investment activity of dealing on own account. This communication and all information contained herein does not constitute investment advice, investment research, financial analysis, or constitute any activity other than dealing on own account.

Market structure

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