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Optiver welcomes complex challenges. Working together towards ambitious goals is simply embedded in our DNA. With our endless hunger for growth, we enjoy finding puzzles that hone even our sharpest skills.

Our problem-solving mentality drives everything we do. From identifying new problems in the market to our weekly chess games, solving puzzles is an intrinsic part of our day-to-day life.

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Data science Competition

Optiver data science and trading challenge on Kaggle

We’re inviting data enthusiasts of all experience levels to develop models predicting the Nasdaq Closing Cross auction movements. You’ll dive deep into extensive order book and closing auction data, consolidate signals, enhance market efficiency and ultimately predict the closing movements.

Registrations are open.

Kaggle and Optiver

Trading at the close

Predict US stocks closing movements

student Competition

Ready Trader Go

Ready Trader Go, Optiver’s global coding competition, presents an excellent way for students to test their coding strength and dive headfirst into the world of algorithmic trading. On top of fine-tuning trading algorithms for Optiver’s simulated market exchange, RTG also provides a unique opportunity for students to join a competition that requires no previous knowledge of coding or trading in general – and provides a chance to win a monetary prize.

Registrations are currently closed. Keep an eye on the website for updates.

Ready Trader Go

Solve the complexity of algorithmic trading

coding Competition

Advent of code

Optiver supports Advent of Code, an annual event that publishes daily fun, festive-themed programming challenges in the lead up to Christmas. Want to join our private leaderboard next time? We’re hiring engineers to code trading systems with sub-nanosecond performance. Get ready for daily challenges, continuous learning and the freedom to bring your software solutions to life.

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