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When you start your career at Optiver, you’ll immediately play a crucial role at a leading electronic trading company. Designed with your future in mind, you’ll collaborate with the industry’s best and brightest, owning projects that directly impact our trading systems.

Haven’t considered a career in finance? It’s time to rethink that. We welcome graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds and academic studies. From mathematics, physics, computer science, finance, engineering and more, there is no single path to a successful, lucrative career at Optiver.

Learning and development

The ultimate learning experience

No matter what team you join, your career at Optiver begins with comprehensive specialised training. Through a combination of lectures, simulation trading and rotational development programmes, our full-time training courses are designed to set you up for success. You don’t need to have a prior understanding of financial markets to thrive – it’s our job to teach you.    

After a technical deep dive, you’ll put your knowledge into practice and work on real-time projects alongside Optiver’s traders and engineers. From day one, we welcome you as an equal contributor to our teams and a key player in our mission to improve the markets.

Debunking myths

There are lots of myths about trading, we prefer the reality

Myth: You need to have a degree in finance or experience in investing to work at a trading firm.

Reality: Very few traders or engineers at Optiver have a degree in finance. And many had no prior investing experience.

Myth: To succeed in trading, you must be willing to take risky bets.

Reality: Yes, trading can be risky. But at Optiver, our success is largely due to our ability to manage that risk.

Myth: As a trader, you’ll work 80+ hours a week, affording little to no time for life outside of work.

Reality: This may be true at some trading firms, but it is not true at Optiver. Our traders’ days are indeed very intense, but they generally wind down at a humane hour, leaving ample time to pursue interests outside of the office.

Myth: Traders seek loopholes to gain an unfair advantage in the market.

Reality: As a market maker, the opposite is true. We provide stability and liquidity to the market, which is good for everyone.

Myth: Trading is cutthroat.

Reality: This may be true at some firms, but Optiver’s culture is extremely collaborative.

meet the team

Meet some of the Optiver team: each mastered trading, none majored in it

Spend some time with the Optiver team and a couple things become clear: there is no single path to a successful, lucrative career here, and there is no single major that’s best suited to it. Watch the videos below to meet our team members and hear about their journeys to Optiver. You might just see yourself in them.

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