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Optiver is a tech-driven trading firm with a strong focus on cutting-edge engineering, data science and research. Our team of engineers collaborate to solve some of the toughest algorithmic challenges in the financial industry. To ensure Optiver’s industry-leading trading systems react as quickly as possible to a constantly evolving stream of market data, we give our engineers the freedom to bring their innovative tech solutions to life.


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  • Nicolas_Infrastructure_as_code
    Experienced, Life at Optiver

    Navigating Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in a non-cloud trading environment

    In the high-performance landscape of algorithmic trading, technological infrastructure isn’t just important—it’s critical. While Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a well-established practice in cloud-based solutions, its application in non-cloud environments presents unique challenges, especially in latency-sensitive environments like ours at Optiver.

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  • Experienced, Life at Optiver

    Navigating performance challenges as a C# Software Engineer at Optiver

    When we think of market making, we often associate it with low-latency C++ applications. However, many other technologies and programming languages play a crucial role in establishing Optiver as a leading global trading firm, among them being C#. At Optiver, our success is largely attributed to our people. While trading is heavily automated, it is […]

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  • Application Engineer Optiver London office
    Experienced, Meet the team

    A day in the life of an Application Engineer

    The role of an Application Engineer (AE) is crucial to Optiver’s trading operations. The team sits directly alongside the traders, working to safeguard our trading systems. Their role is a balancing act – ensuring an orderly production environment while guaranteeing profitability and sustainable growth. They must navigate the complexity of scaling a distributed system handling […]

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    EMEA, London
  • Experienced, Life at Optiver

    Data Visualisation at Optiver: Streamlining trading decisions

    Data visualisation is at the core of effective decision-making in the fast-paced, data-driven world of trading. For Optiver’s traders to access the information they need right when it matters, it’s crucial to display data intuitively and meaningfully.In this blog post, we’ll take you behind the scenes of data visualisation at Optiver and explore how our […]

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Software Engineer – Python

As a Python-focused Software Engineer, you’ll design and implement infrastructure management systems across our global network of servers. You’ll utilise Python to automate operational tasks, contribute to open-source software, and ensure efficient infrastructure operations. Your role will include coding, system provisioning, configuration management, debugging, and collaborating with various teams, leveraging Python’s versatility for effective infrastructure management.

Production Engineer

As a Production Engineer, you’ll use Python to manage the reliability, scalability and performance of our proprietary trading systems. You’ll play a critical role in overseeing market access, monitoring and compliance, strategy evaluation, and performance tuning. By utilising your strong design, debugging, and problem-solving skills, you’ll directly influence our trading activities in a dynamic, high-stakes environment. 

Data Visualisation Engineer

As a Data Visualization Engineer at Optiver, you’ll leverage Python to design and develop web-based data visualizations and UI applications, aiding trading decisions. Your role will include closely collaborating with traders and developers to understand requirements, designing data processing pipelines, and contributing to UI frameworks used across the company. You’ll work on data and UI optimisation challenges, ensuring the reliability and robustness of trading applications in a dynamic environment.

Network Engineer

As a Network Engineer, you’ll manage and optimise our diverse network infrastructure, spanning low-latency, data centre and WAN technologies. Responsibilities vary from deploying, troubleshooting, providing technical support and contributing to automated network provisioning. Your understanding of routing and network protocols, along with Python tools for automation, will be instrumental in ensuring connectivity across our global data centres.

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