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Optiver intern: Kickstart a career in tech

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From theoretical lectures to working on impactful projects that deliver immediate impact, our training programs are designed to set you up for success. Throughout your internship, you’ll be supported by mentors and in-house educators to grow and excel. Discover Optiver’s internship opportunities:

Madison, one of our tech interns, shares her experience in our internship program and what it’s like to work at Optiver.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m currently studying a double degree in computer science and pure mathematics at Monash University in Melbourne.

What do you enjoy most about working at Optiver?

It’s tricky to nail down just one thing – but I adore working with like-minded people. Sharing a genuine desire to solve interesting problems in performant, well-designed ways with my team is special, and it’s not something I’ve often seen elsewhere.

How were you supported to learn during your internship?

The internship started with a two-week intensive learning program, covering both trading fundamentals as well as C++ and Optiver’s core libraries. Then, we worked on small projects, with mentorship from our teams. We were surrounded by so many people who were eager to help!

What’s your top tip for students that are looking to apply?

It sounds cliche but remember to be yourself! Of course, it’s important to prepare well for interviews, but make sure to let your true passions and motivations shine through. Optiver wants to see what excites you.

Meet the team

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