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Meet the Sydney Campus Recruitment team

We know how daunting it can be – applying for your first job. So, we’re here to help make your application process easier. We want you to succeed in finding the right role with us, so here’s a few top tips from our recruitment team.

Campus Trading Recruitment Lead

Best recruitment advice:
You definitely don’t need to be a financial expert to work at Optiver – in fact you don’t need any prior knowledge of the industry! We’re looking for the brightest quantitative minds, who love collaborative problem solving. 

Sairah - Campus Technology Recruitment Lead
Campus Technology Recruitment Lead

Best recruitment advice:
Do your research and ask yourself, does this role excite you? The recruitment process is just as much about finding the right fit for you, as it is about us finding the right person for the role. 

Campus Recruiter – Technology

Best recruitment advice:
Ensure to showcase your authentic self at all stages of the recruitment process. Be proud to share about your previous experiences, achievements and projects if you are asked, as well as outline how those skills can be an invaluable fit for the role that you are applying for at Optiver.

Lauren, Optiver Campus Recruiter
Campus Recruiter – Trading

Best recruitment advice:
Take time to understand your passions and your interests and how you can leverage them in securing your dream role.

Juliette - Campus Recruiter - Trading
Campus Recruiter – Trading

Best recruitment advice:
Be sure to ask questions – the recruitment process is a two-way street. 
We are looking for problem solvers, growth mindsets and we encourage curiosity.

Alyssa - Campus Recruitment Coordinator
Campus Recruitment Coordinator

Best recruitment advice:
We recruit and make offers on a rolling basis so apply as early as possible!

Jenessa - Campus Recruitment Coordinator
Campus Recruitment Coordinator

Best recruitment advice:
Throughout the process, you’ll be meeting several amazing recruiters and business representatives that are excited to answer your questions and share their experience. Don’t hesitate to ask questions you want to know!

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