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Optiver trades thousands of financial instruments on exchanges worldwide, using our own capital and at our own risk. As a market maker, we aim to improve the markets in which we trade by continuously offering the most competitive prices possible.

To be not only active but also precise, across all of these markets and products is a hugely complex challenge. We continuously refine and optimise our proprietary trading strategies and algorithms to accurately price the thousands of instruments we trade. After all, the only constant in markets is change, and keeping up requires nimble, decisive thinkers — a pretty accurate description of an Optiver trader.


Trader at Optiver

Optiver’s traders combine a passion for quantitative problem solving with razor-sharp decision-making skills. Our global trading teams are experts at reacting to current events, price changes and market shifts to ensure effective trade execution around the clock. But they’re also continually refining and developing our trading strategies with the help of in-house and external data. Entrepreneurial to the core, Optiver’s traders manage their own trading books, teams and activities, as well as the risk that accompanies them.

Our teams are deliberately structured to encourage collaborative problem solving between traders, researchers and engineers. Working closely across multiple departments is one way we ensure continuous innovation and improvement.

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Wholesale Trader

Wholesale trader at Optiver

Unlike screen traders, wholesale traders communicate by phone or other channels with key external stakeholders such as investment banks, hedge funds and algorithmic trading firms. Facilitating requests from our long-established network of brokers means building and maintaining relationships while having the ability to make quick decisions under pressure.

Positioned in the centre of our trading floors, Optiver’s wholesale traders are the crucial link to our brokers and counterparties across the world. wholesale traders are responsible for our large-order trading strategies, handling incoming price requests and relaying information back to traders.

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Equity Analyst

Equity analyst at Optiver

Working closely with traders, researchers and data scientists, our analysts help calculate risk and reward by advising how different financial products may react to market events. As an analyst, your input directly impacts Optiver’s trading positions and strategies.

Optiver’s team of analysts leverage their research experience and understanding of current events to identify real-time trading opportunities across different sectors.

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wonho – Chicago

“What I value most about Optiver is the opportunity to work with driven, curious and highly competent coworkers, all of whom possess unique skills. On a daily basis, I interact with quant researchers, data scientists, and devs, each of us contributing toward a common goal.”


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