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Optiver opens state-of-the-art London office

Optiver, a leading global market maker, is excited to announce the opening of a new state-of-the-art office located at 20 Old Bailey in London.

With room for up to 200 staff, the new premises mark the latest chapter in Optiver’s continued global expansion. Spanning 3,200 square meters, the new office joins the market maker’s eight other locations across the U.S., Asia Pacific and Europe. It’s the first of a number of ‘new look’ Optiver office designs that the firm will be rolling out in 2022 and 2023, designed in line with our global vision of creating an office of the future.

“Since opening our doors in London in 2019, Optiver has grown its UK presence from seven to 70 team members and counting,” said Optiver UK CEO John Rothstein. “With its deep local talent pool, welcome regulatory environment and status as a financial centre, London is increasingly central to our growth plans. The city is also a hub for FX and commodities trading, providing the ideal setting for expanding our business in these areas. As we continue to scale, we require a location that not only suits our immediate needs, but will also sustain us in the years to come.”

Thoughtfully renovated to embody the firm’s leading position at the crossroads of finance and technology, 20 Old Bailey aims to facilitate maximum performance and wellbeing for Optiver’s London employees.

Designed in partnership with award-winning office design specialist Oktra, the office features an in-house coffee bar, bespoke leather furniture, and earth elements including moss walls, hanging plants and timber cladding. State-of-the-art tech screens, including a two-story LED display, seamlessly embody the firm’s focus on interconnectivity.

Optiver also recently opened offices in Singapore, a strategic location for strengthening the firm’s access to Asia’s financial markets, and in the technology hub of Austin, Texas.

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Optiver is a global market maker with offices in Amsterdam, London, Chicago, Austin, Sydney, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei. Over thirty-five years ago, we started business as a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam’s European Options Exchange. Today, we are a leading liquidity provider, with more than 1,400 employees in offices around the world, united in our commitment to improve the market by competitive pricing, execution and thorough risk management. By providing liquidity on multiple exchanges across the world in various financial instruments we participate in the safeguarding of healthy and efficient markets. We provide liquidity to financial markets using our own capital, at our own risk, trading a wide range of products: listed derivatives, cash equities, ETFs, bonds and foreign currencies.


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