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Optiver launches cash equity offering for institutional investors

Optiver is delighted to launch a cash equity liquidity offering on Tradeweb, giving institutional investors access to our cash equities pricing for the first time in our history.

Our Institutional Trading team has traditionally offered counterparties exceptional pricing in a variety of equity derivatives and ETPs. Now, as we continue to expand, we are automating cash equity trading, and can offer direct buy-side access to our unique natural liquidity.

“Our Delta One team – responsible for non-derivatives business at Optiver – has a growing universe of more than 1,600 equities in Europe. Direct counterparties can now access the unique natural liquidity of over €1 billion of cash equity positions in our central risk book, offering them tight pricing and enabling them to manage risk,” says Jean-Marie Tine, Head of Institutional Trading for Delta One. This central risk book warehouses all risk coming from our options, futures, cash equity & ETP market-making units.

Tradeweb is a leading fixed income, derivatives and ETF electronic trading platform for institutional investors, allowing access to the liquidity they need through a range of electronic marketplaces. It uses RFQ (request for quote): a tried and tested execution mechanism already heavily used in ETPs and fixed income. Tradeweb’s Adam Gould, Managing Director, Head of Global Equities says that “having fast pricing and Optiver’s additional liquidity available to Tradeweb’s Institutional clients is a big win for creating a deeper and more liquid market for end-investors to access”.

“We believe this can add value to existing equity execution channels, particularly as it brings the buy side directly into contact with market makers who are willing to provide quotes in the entire order size, minimising information leakage and order lifetimes,” says Jean-Marie. “We stand ready to make automated instant RFQ replies. This means it not only provides the ability to manually execute high touch orders, but can also integrate with algorithms.”

The new move builds on Optiver’s existing close collaboration with Tradeweb to provide ETP liquidity to counterparties. Optiver has always been supportive of Tradeweb initiative on Cash Equity, being the first Liquidity Provider to execute a Cash Equity trade in the platform. If you’d like to find out more about accessing our liquidity, contact our Delta One Institutional Trading Team or download our brochure below.


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