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Optiver Europe partners with 11 year-old future leaders

Two 11-year old future leaders, Melissa and Mouad, met with Optiver COO Kjelle for an introduction before they take over his role for a day on 10 June, as part of the Boss of Tomorrow initiative. Melissa and Mouad will get a glimpse into running a business and Kjelle will have the opportunity to learn from these young, sharp minds.

The Boss of Tomorrow programme, created by JINC – a Dutch non-profit organisation focused on social upliftment, was designed to give children ages 8 to 16 years positive exposure to the business world. This year, a total of 450 children will get the chance to run the Netherlands and, in the process, make valuable industry contacts and gain a better understanding of what sort of career paths they can pursue.

The central theme of this year’s programme is ‘equal opportunities in the workplace’ and the goal is to prompt thought and action around equality in the workplace regardless of different background, age, sexual orientation, religion or gender.

JINC exists to help create a world every child is given equal opportunity regardless of socioeconomic context, and we are glad to be supporting this mission. Optiver Europe is proud to support the Boss of Tomorrow initiative as part of its commitment to creating an equal opportunity workplace.


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