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Optiver announces chess sponsorship with International Master Eline Roebers

We are excited to unveil a new chapter in Optiver’s commitment to the chess community with a new partnership with International Master Eline Roebers. This sponsorship not only strengthens our existing engagement with the chess community, led by our continuous support for chess Grandmaster Anish Giri, but also serves as an initiative to inspire the next generation of female thinkers at all stages of their careers.

Get to know Eline

Eline is the current Dutch Women’s Champion and was the 2022 Dutch Youth Champion. At just 14, she was the first Dutch player to win a World Youth Championship in 2020. With additional achievements, such as an individual board 3 bronze medal at the European Women’s Team Championship in 2021 and an individual board 1 silver medal at the women’s Olympiad in 2022, Eline exemplifies strategic and analytical excellence.

This sponsorship means a lot to me. I feel very honoured and privileged that an international company like Optiver is willing to support me in becoming the best chess player I can be. The sponsorship allows me to learn from the best chess trainers and participate in important competitions all over the world.
Eline Roebers

Her impressive journey resonates with Optiver’s value of seeking out, supporting and championing young talent in their formative years. 

Bridging the gap: STEM and chess

Chess is not just a board game; it’s a complex exercise in problem-solving, risk management and strategic planning. These skills resonate strongly with the qualities essential for a successful career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). At Optiver, traders must evaluate market conditions to make time-sensitive decisions, a process not unlike planning several moves ahead on a chessboard. 

Similarly, engineers rely on a methodical approach to problem-solving, which mirrors the deliberate and thoughtful strategies employed in a complex chess game. Through this partnership, we’re not only investing in Eline’s future as a chess player but also promoting the kind of skills that are invaluable for careers across STEM fields. 

When asked about the connection between her chess career and the trading industry, Eline added, “I think that there are a lot of parallels between chess and Optiver’s business. First of all, the way Optiver’s business and chess changed in the last decade: The growing importance of the aid of the computer at opening preparation and analysis in chess and the business strategy in trading. Second, the pressure during playing chess and trading: there is a lot to lose with one wrong move or wrong trade. This kind of activity therefore requires competitiveness, courage and quick thinking and because the result of playing chess or trading is very measurable, only the best will stay in the top.”

This partnership also provides an opportunity to focus attention on the often-underrepresented roles of women across both chess and STEM, underlining Optiver’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity at all stages of professional careers. 

“We recognise that the barriers for women entering STEM often begin early in their educational journeys. Our sponsorship of Eline Roebers, a brilliant young mind in the chess world, serves as a strategic move to break down these barriers. We’re not just investing in a promising chess player; we’re sending a clear message that young female talent deserves every opportunity to excel in strategic and analytical fields like chess and STEM.”
Christopher Horrobin, Optiver Trading Trainer

Introducing the Optiver Chess Team

As Eline steps into this new chapter she joins ranks with Anish Giri, forming a formidable team representing a mix of seasoned expertise and emerging talent. The formation of the Optiver Chess Team showcases our holistic approach to talent —investing in the expertise of seasoned professionals and rising stars in the industry. We’re looking forward to following the remarkable journeys of both Eline and Anish. Their pursuit of excellence on the global chess stage resonates deeply with Optiver’s values, and we are looking forward to supporting them as they continue to advance in their respective careers.

Looking ahead

With the 2024 Tata Steel Chess Tournament approaching, the upcoming months are set to be busy for The Optiver Chess Team. As Eline prepares for the competition, we will continue to share updates on her journey.


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