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Optiver is a tech-driven trading firm that places a strong emphasis on innovation and staying ahead of the curve. Our engineers manage vast distributed systems, high-performance computing, low-latency trading algorithms, high-throughput data flows, and data analysis. Your challenge is balancing innovation with reliability and performance in such a complex, time-pressured environment.

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Software Engineer – Python

As a Python-focused Software Engineer, you’ll design and implement infrastructure management systems across our global network of servers. You’ll utilise Python to automate operational tasks, contribute to open-source software, and ensure efficient infrastructure operations. Your role will include coding, system provisioning, configuration management, debugging, and collaborating with various teams, leveraging Python’s versatility for effective infrastructure management.

Production Engineer

As a Production Engineer, you’ll use Python to manage the reliability, scalability and performance of our proprietary trading systems. You’ll play a critical role in overseeing market access, monitoring and compliance, strategy evaluation, and performance tuning. By utilising your strong design, debugging, and problem-solving skills, you’ll directly influence our trading activities in a dynamic, high-stakes environment. 

Network Engineer

As a Network Engineer, you’ll manage and optimise our diverse network infrastructure, spanning low-latency, data centre and WAN technologies. Responsibilities vary from deploying, troubleshooting, providing technical support and contributing to automated network provisioning. Your understanding of routing and network protocols, along with Python tools for automation, will be instrumental in ensuring connectivity across our global data centres.

Site Reliability Engineer

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you’ll be responsible for deploying, maintaining, monitoring and improving the reliability, scalability and performance of our in-house built trading systems and infrastructure. At Optiver, reliability means prevention and swift resolution of incidents across our technology stack, to guarantee optimum functioning even in the most extreme market conditions. Having a decisive nature, engineering mindset and preference for simple solutions are essential to keeping our systems reliable. 

Global scale

At Optiver, our engineers engage with a global network of 70+ exchanges, operating from multiple data centres around the world. Every market brings its own set of challenges, giving you a unique opportunity for global impact and collaboration.

Risk mitigation

In Optiver’s high-speed trading landscape, even minor system downtime can lead to substantial losses. By maintaining full control over production deployments, you’ll not only support mass rollouts but also implement preventative measures and reactive protocols, ensuring that our trading systems remain unparalleled in reliability.

Continuous learning

You’ll operate within a dynamic environment that combines high-throughput data flows, low-latency trading algorithms, and high-performance computing—offering a continuous stream of learning opportunities. And with industry leading onboarding programs, no prior financial background is required.

In-house infrastructure

Optiver takes an in-house approach to building, analysing, managing, and improving its custom infrastructure. This technological independence enables tight feedback loops and quick development cycles, all while maintaining robust system safeguards.


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