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  • Competition, Meet the team

    Ready Trader Go: An interview with 2021 finalist Guyon van Rooij

    Ready Trader Go, Optiver’s global coding competition, presents an excellent way for students to test their coding strength and dive headfirst into the world of algorithmic trading. On top of fine-tuning trading algorithms for Optiver’s simulated market exchange, RTG also provides a unique opportunity for students to join a competition that requires no previous knowledge of coding or trading in general – and provides a chance to win a monetary prize.

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    EMEA, Global
  • Chess

    Optiver ambassador Anish Giri wins Tata Steel Chess Masters 2023

    Congratulations to Optiver ambassador Anish Giri for winning the 2023 Tata Steel Chess Tournament! After a victory in his final game against Richard Rapport, Anish achieved a grand total of 8.5 points across 13 games, awarding him the well-deserved title of Tata Steel Chess Champion. Optiver is extremely proud of Anish’s incredible performance throughout the tournament, and we look forward to cheering him on in the future.

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  • Life at Optiver, Meet the team

    Tricks of the trade: How Optiver software engineers thrive within the trading industry 

    Working at a trading firm like Optiver provides unique opportunities for individuals to grow and enhance their careers – especially as an engineer. Not only does the culture encourage bold idea sharing and concept creation, but the work environment itself presents different challenges and opportunities that simply aren’t as prevalent in other industries. All of […]

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  • Meet the team

    Engineering Spotlight

    Engineering Spotlight – with Ashley Chen Ashley, now a desk engineer in research at Optiver, spent her school years participating in numerous Mathematics Olympiads. After completing her studies in finance 5 years ago, she started as a graduate trainee in Optiver’s IT talent program. She quickly moved into an application engineer role. Now as the […]

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    EMEA, Global