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It’s Ready Trader Go time: Optiver launches international coding competition

Competition start date: Tuesday, 7 March, 2023
Registration deadline: Sunday, 5 March, 2023
Team registration: Individually or up to three students

Optiver is excited to announce the return of Ready Trader Go, the ultimate student coding competition that dives into the fascinating world of algorithmic trading. This year we’re going international, as students from around the globe go head-to-head to build an algorithm for Optiver’s simulated market exchange. Competing individually or in teams of up to three, the best performing algorithm will secure the first place prize of €30,000!

To compete in Ready Trader Go, no prior knowledge of market making is required – we’ll provide all the resources you need to get up to speed. You’ll also get the opportunity to attend an interactive Q&A with Optiver’s engineers. Equipped with this information and a solid grasp of coding, it’s time to get building!

Ready Trader Go takes place over three weeks with two qualifying rounds and a grand finale. After each round, competitors will optimise their algorithms in an effort to climb the leaderboard. After two rounds, the top 16 teams will win a prize and make it through to the final round.  

Ready Trader Go is an excellent opportunity to experience the dynamic and fast-paced world of algorithmic trading. This unique challenge will push the limits of your creative coding, testing and refinement abilities. The competition also incorporates many important aspects of the work we do at Optiver: collaboration, high-performance development, strategic thinking, technical innovation and competitiveness.

If you’re ready to feel the rush of tech-driven trading and discover your future improving financial markets – it’s time to Ready Trader Go.

Register by 5 March 2023.


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