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Our Employee Culture

Our People Matter

We’re not big on bragging about the things we do right. Unless it’s talking about how we treat our people.

Optiver’s success is driven by the quality and enthusiasm of its people. More than a thousand Optiverians around the world are united by our passion and desire to improve the market. And our  focus as a business has always been on creating  an amazing place to work for our people, no matter their role or location. 

A Culture Designed Around People

We made some deliberate choices in the way we wanted to work, right from the days when our founder was our sole employee. We embrace casual dress because we want our people to be comfortable. We deliberately cultivate a flat structure because hierarchies often get in the way of getting results at the speed we need. We strive to be nimble, to deploy fast and get results, so we focus on our strengths. We don’t leap before we look. Our business is designed to be lean on bureaucracy and big on personal responsibility.  It’s a formula that’s powered some of our biggest successes, and underpins our long-standing tradition of achieving great results.

Our dedication to making the lives of our people better doesn’t stop at the professional side of things, either. We offer a range of benefits to reduce stress and encourage a healthy balance between work and life. Our chef and kitchen team provide great quality, healthy food for breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks and plenty of fresh fruit to keep our people well fuelled. And gym memberships in case they go a bit hard on the snacks! We have massages every week for all employees, and mindfulness sessions to help people stay relaxed and manage stress. We offer personal training fitness sessions, professional workshops, and a huge amount of learning and development to help our people stay on the sharp edge of the industry.

We encourage cross-team collaboration, and not just about work. From our social clubs, sports teams, gaming squads, poker, wine, whiskey and tea clubs, our people find a variety of ways to play together and celebrate their passions. Add to that our monthly O-Club social events, Family Day, our annual Weekend Away and our famous Christmas party, and it should be very clear that we like getting together, whatever the reason.

We also sponsor a range of charities, initiatives and organisations. This helps us extend our positive impact to the broader community. From  student maths societies and Women In STEM initiatives to coding meetups and industry events – we’re there. And our regular Charity Market raises funds for those in need, by doing what we do best.

All of this combines into a world in which our people have what they need to succeed, and plenty of opportunities to celebrate the wins we achieve.

Life at Optiver

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