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Optiver and University Utrecht Partner for Algorithms in Finance Course

Optiver and University Utrecht Partner for Algorithms in Finance Course

Optiver partners with University Utrecht to offer new Algorithms in Finance course. Launching in February 2019, Algorithms in Finance (also referred to as Applying Mathematics in Finance) will give students the opportunity to work with real data in Python to design trading algorithms applicable to financial market data. 

The collaborative 9 week course will begin with a number of Python workshops. This will then lead to lectures given by Optiverians on trading strategies, risk management, pricing and more! The course will close with a final assignment where students will be invited to the office for a competition to create the best algorithm.

The course will be available for Beta and Finance Master’s students following the Banking and Finance Programme at the University. Students can sign-up via the course catalogue.  

Click below to watch a short video about this initiative, with Optiver Trainer Robbert Pullen and Professor Dirk Gerritsen of the Utrecht University School of Economics.


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