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How we hire at Optiver Europe: From application to offer in 5 steps

Many people find hiring processes overwhelming, which is why we aim to keep ours as smooth and simple as possible. This allows you to be at your best during the process, so you can give your all for the tests and challenges. Our goal is to provide you with the right challenge while evaluating your skills. By carefully selecting top talent to help us carry out our mission to improve the global markets, we create an atmosphere in which everyone can develop their skills to become the best version of themselves. You’ll take five steps before starting at Optiver:

Step 1: Application

The first step is nothing out of the ordinary, simply visit our career website and submit your CV and cover letter. Make sure you update your CV and show how your expertise and experience align with the opportunity you’re interested in.

Step 2: Assessment

Next up, we’ll send a few assessments to see what you’re capable of. If you’re applying for one of our Technology roles, we’ll send you an online test focusing on the technical skills you need. For example, a Software Engineer will do a coding challenge in C++, C# or Java. You’ll get an online numerical test if you’re applying to one of our Trading jobs. If you pass, you’ll be invited to an online test meeting to undergo further assessments. You’ll be sent two more numerical ability tests and a Verify G+ Test. For our Research roles, you’ll be invited straight to our online test meeting to take the Verify G+ Test.

Step 3: HR screening

Once you’ve passed the assessment step, a member of our recruitment team will set up a virtual call to get to know you better. Your success is our goal, and this step is a great opportunity to see how strong a fit we are for each other. We want to get to know you beyond your CV, so show us who you really are and what makes you unique. This is also a two-way process, so feel free to ask us a lot of questions.

Step 4: Technical screening

After chatting with the recruiter, it’s time for a virtual call with one of our engineers, traders, researchers or risk analysts. The nature of this call largely depends on the role you’re applying for.

Step 5: Final interview day

The fifth and final step is to take part in an interview day, which will differ depending on whether you’re applying for a Technology or Trading role:

The Technology position involves two days of virtual interviews. Day one is all about the system and design of what we work with. Day two includes another technical interview, a deep dive into one of your past projects as well as conversations with Optiver’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and your potential peers.

For Trading positions, the final interview is made up of three individual interviews and a group session. Your day starts with an introduction from the Head of Trading or our Trader Trainee Lead, followed by a group market-making simulator in which you compete with other candidates to showcase your market-making abilities. You’ll then have an informal desk shadow or chat, a technical interview and an HR interview.

That’s it. You’ve now made it through all five steps and you’re ready to take the first step on your journey to becoming the best trader, technologist or researcher you can be.

Extra tips for a successful process:

  1. First, get to know us. There’s a lot of great information on our website, so do a bit of sleuthing and find out as much as you can about the team you’re applying for. Think about what our main tasks and objectives are and how you can help us improve those things.
  2. Keep things simple. At Optiver, we prize simplicity, so break down your approach into small manageable steps when tackling challenges during the interviews.
  3. Speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to say what you think and make sure to ask as many questions as you need – especially during the technical interviews. We value genuine dialogues and collaboration because this helps increase mutual understanding and is a great way to come together to find effective new solutions.
  4. Focus on you. We want you to become the best possible version of yourself, and there’s no reason that can’t begin before the hiring process. Take a moment to reflect on yourself, and think about the things you’re interested in, your accomplishments and what you’d like to achieve in your career.
  5. Enjoy the experience. Even if you don’t get the job, you’ll still learn a lot about yourself, the industry and the hiring process in general.
Recruitment at Optiver

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