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Hackzurich: Trading meets AI

Hackzurich: Trading meets AI

Start date: September 15, 2023

End date: September 17, 2023

Location: Halle 550, Zurich, Workshop Room 5

We are proud to be part of Europe’s biggest Hackathon this year. Join us in our mission to improve the markets at our HackZurich workshop.

Trading meets AI: Riding the Waves of Market Emotions

AI’s power to process vast amounts of data and decipher patterns is reshaping the trading industry. Optiver, a leading global market maker, is at the cutting edge of this change, using AI and language models to deepen market insights. By harnessing these technologies, we improve the accessibility and pricing of financial products, aligning with our mission to foster transparent and efficient markets.

In this challenge, you’ll engage in an exploration of AI’s potential by immersing yourself into Optibook, Optiver’s cutting-edge simulated market exchange. Here, you’ll compete against other participants and bots to experience the full complexity of trading in a risk-free environment that mirrors realistic market dynamics. Optibook is your gateway to unlock your creativity, trade directly with fellow participants, and craft your own automated trading strategies.

Your mission will be to analyze simulated social media feeds using a language model, to uncover sentiments about stocks. With the insights gained, you’ll craft a unique and innovative market-making strategy that capitalizes on these sentiments.

Whether identifying the stocks involved, determining sentiment polarity, or quantifying its impact, your actions on Optibook will be driven by creative thinking and strategic planning.

This challenge offers a valuable glimpse into how technology and ingenuity are combined in today’s trading world to foster transparent and efficient markets.

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