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Start date: November 17, 2023

End date: November 19, 2023

Location: TU Munich

As a global market maker, Optiver is committed to improving access and pricing for thousands of financial products across markets worldwide. By providing this liquidity, we make it easier and more attractive for market participates to incorporate products into their investment strategies. Join our challenge to discover what it’s like to work at a trading company.    

During Optiver’s challenge at HackATUM, you’ll compete against other participants to write your own trading algorithm that can handle the pressure of a constantly changing market. You’ll do this on our simulated exchange, Optibook, which recreates the real-life complexity of trading on a modern exchange. The challenge presents a unique opportunity to learn and improve your trading skills using live market data in a risk-free environment. You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of life at a trading company and the ability to build your own Python trading algorithm. 

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Recruitment Event
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