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Optiver Welcomes Block Trading for Options on E-Mini Nasdaq-100 Futures

Optiver, a top market maker in equity index derivatives, is pleased to support CME in its move to make options on E-mini Nasdaq-100 futures (NQ) eligible for block trading. From January 24, institutional investors can source direct liquidity in NQ options blocks via electronic execution during an extended 23-hour trading day.

Block trades – privately negotiated transactions between two eligible counterparties – offer the ability to execute large trades quickly, at one price and with minimum hassle. As such, they can be a capital-efficient way for institutions to manage risks, even during periods of heightened volatility. In addition to NQ blocks, CME already makes block trading available for E-mini S&P 500 (ES) and E-mini Russell 2000 (RTY) options.

“At Optiver, we support access to liquidity and real-time price discovery for all market participants. With the technology sector in focus, institutions need an efficient way to hedge and manage their risks. The ability to transact large orders at speed through NQ options blocks is a welcome development. Building upon our lengthy track record of block trading across multiple asset classes, we look forward to providing pricing on NQ blocks for institutional parties,” says Optiver US CEO Rutger Brinkhuis.

For more information please contact:

Justin Lees
Head of Institutional Trading US
[email protected]

Max Michael
Institutional Trader UK
[email protected]

Yakob Peterseil
[email protected]


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