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Optiver reports 2021 annual results

Market maker Optiver reported a solid performance in its financial results of 2021. The global trading firm realised a net profit attributable to equity holders of € 958 million in 2021, compared to € 1.4 billion in 2020. The 2021 result from operating activities was € 1.2 billion versus € 1.8 billion in 2020. Net trading income in 2021 amounted to € 2.3 billion, 28% lower than in 2020 (€3.2 billion).

Optiver exhibited a strong financial position at the end of 2021, with total equity of € 2.8 billion compared to € 2.5 billion at end-2020. It maintains a conservative capital structure, to meet business and regulatory requirements. Total assets were € 28.2 billion as at 31 December 2021, an increase of 12% compared to 2020’s € 25.1 billion.

Although 2021 didn’t see the largescale turbulence 2020 experienced, global financial markets struggled to find a stable equilibrium with various pockets of volatility across different asset classes and regions throughout the year. Volatility was driven by a sense of uncertainty, with the world unable to predict how the COVID-19 pandemic would continue to evolve. Although vaccinations and boosters aimed to slow infection rates, rapidly emerging virus variants caused global setbacks and repeated cycles of market volatility. Knock-on effects from the prolonged pandemic – including supply chain disruptions and the highest inflation rates in decades – further impacted capital markets.

“We are pleased to say that despite all of these factors, Optiver spent 2021 resolute in its mission to keep markets healthy, efficient and stable. Our commitment to providing liquidity not only benefited all market participants, but led to solid growth and continued long-term value creation for the firm.” Said Jan Boomaars, Optiver Group CEO.

The firm expanded to two new locations, Singapore and Austin, in 2021, increasing its global footprint to nine offices. Austin, Texas has emerged as one of the leading global tech hubs, which made the city a natural fit for our ambitious engineering goals, while Singapore offers a strategic location from which to further strengthen access to Asia’s financial markets, attract local talent and operate in close proximity to regional business partners.

Annual Report

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