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Optiver PSI invests in leading RFQ platform for crypto options

Optiver Principal Strategic Investments (PSI) is pleased to announce its participation in the Series A funding round for Paradigm, a leading trading platform for crypto options and futures.

New York-based Paradigm enables institutional-level liquidity for crypto derivatives via their chat-based multi-dealer RFQ. Users of the platform can source liquidity tailored to their price, size, and risk preferences, helping to facilitate complex, multi-leg options trades, cleared at the venue of the user’s choice.

For more than 35 years, Optiver has been committed to improving global financial markets through its core activity of making markets in listed derivatives and equities. While the crypto options market is still in its early stages, we expect rising demand from institutional and retail investors to spur rapid growth. Through its investment in Paradigm, Optiver sees an opportunity to bring liquidity to this space, which will help lower spreads and make the market more efficient and stable.

Traditionally used as hedging tools, options can allow crypto investors, as well as companies active in the crypto ecosystem such as miners, to efficiently hedge their risks. A robust and liquid options market would also encourage participation from institutional investors who seek to trade the volatility of the crypto market itself.

“We’re excited to support Paradigm in their mission to bring on-demand liquidity to the crypto options market,” said Liam Smith, head of Corporate Strategy at Optiver US. “Through their innovative RFQ platform, Paradigm is helping to facilitate price discovery and deepen liquidity in the emerging digital assets volatility space, which closely aligns with Optiver’s commitment to competitive and transparent markets.”

Optiver PSI aims to identify entrepreneurs shaping financial markets of the future. With a keen interest in upcoming FinTech, IT Infrastructure and Digital Asset ventures, we seek to incubate and empower the most impactful projects in the financial industry. Through partnership with us, Optiver PSI provides founders with long-term guidance, unparalleled technological capabilities, mentorship and diverse resources.

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