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Optiver loves chess

Strategy, problem solving and agility are why the game of chess and Optiver go hand in hand.

Since 2016, Optiver has been a proud sponsor of Dutch champion and grandmaster Anish Giri. It takes excellent numerical skills and a passion for strategy to prove yourself and succeed in the world of trading. Applying this mindset at an early age is how our Dutch player became one of the brightest stars in chess today.

Get to know Anish Giri

  • At the age of 14, Anish became the youngest Grandmaster in the world
  • He speaks 6 languages, including Japanese
  • Anish is a four-time Dutch Chess Champion
  • He was born in St. Petersburg to a Nepalese father and Russian mother
  • In 2014 he became a published author with his first book, My Junior Years In Chess

Anish is currently showing incredible performance at the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2023.

Blindfolded chess challenge

In 2023, Anish Giri took one of Optiver’s top players in a blindfolded chess challenge.


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