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The Optiver Foundation publishes its first annual report

Incorporated in 2021, the Optiver Foundation was founded with the mission to drive a positive, long-term impact on some of the world’s most important causes. We’re proud to share the progress that the foundation has achieved in its first annual report.

With a focus on environmental action and diversity, the Optiver Foundation has made a great start in laying the groundwork needed to achieve its mission. Over its first 12 months, the Foundation introduced long-term partnerships with LandLife and Women Win, organisations that share the same interest as Optiver does: technology and academia.

Its collaboration with LandLife led to the re-introduction of eucalyptus trees to 97 hectares of degraded land in the Moolagundi region in Australia, which is projected to capture 21,000t of CO2 and help endangered animals, including koalas, to re-populate.

The Optiver Foundation also joined forces with Women Win to develop ‘Stemming the Gap: the Free STEM Fund.’ The fund envisions providing grants to youth-led, women-led and community-based organisations, social enterprises and educational institutions in the global south, including Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

More recently, the Optiver Foundation announced its partnership with Oxford University to launch an international scholarship programme, that’s designed to encourage diversity in STEM-related education.

The Optiver Foundation looks forward to working with its partners to continue making a meaningful impact through non-profit means.

To learn more about the Optiver Foundation and its progress to date, view the Optiver Foundation Annual Report.

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