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Institutional Sales

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We provide institutional investors around the globe with liquidity in equities, FX, fixed income and commodity products. We do this by offering consistently competitive prices in options, futures and ETFs in major markets.

We realise the importance of being there, especially in times of uncertainty. When markets become turbulent, we stay resolute in our commitment to provide liquidity to help institutions manage risk and execute their investment strategies.

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Competitive prices

Consistent, competitive and fair. That’s what we stand for. We leverage our expansive view and prime market position to always provide competitive prices.


Our global footprint and the scale of our operations allow us to aggregate risk and keep spreads consistently tight for those who trade with us, even in times of extreme volatility.


We pride ourselves on responding to the needs and trading priorities of the 600+ institutions, funds, banks and merchants who count on us. We recognise the importance of implementation that limits market impact and preserves anonymity.

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Reduced costs. Fair pricing. Anonymity. Efficiency. That’s the Optiver way. Explore our regions to learn more about our institutional sales teams.

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We’re among the top three firms in ETFs, equities and commodities.
Trade with us in Europe

Optiver Europe is a trading partner to 600+ counterparties across the globe, providing liquidity in equities (options, futures, ETFs & cash), fixed Income & FX options from our offices in Amsterdam and London. With our leading position in European equity derivatives and up to 20% market share in SX5E options, you can be confident of achieving competitive execution. Our ability to manage risk by aggregating positions across numerous global asset classes enables us to always keep our pricing tight. It also ensures we’re there to support our direct counterparties when conditions become turbulent and liquidity falls away.

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United States

Access our leading market share across multiple asset classes.
Trade with us in the United States

Optiver US is a trading partner to counterparties across the globe, providing liquidity in index, fixed income and commodity options. Our team’s leading market share on the screen and in the block market allows us to provide tight pricing for a variety of structures and sizes. All counterparty relationships are kept private and there are no brokerage fees.

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Our trading coverage extends to major Hong Kong, Japan and Korea equity derivatives and ETF markets.
Trade with us in Asia Pacific

Optiver APAC leverages our regional specialisation and significant market share in Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean equity derivatives and ETF markets to provide competitive, timely and consistent pricing in all market conditions. Our counterparty-orientated approach means that we’re trusted by a wide array of exotic and structured product desks, hedge funds and other large institutional managers across the world.


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