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Anchored in APAC: Inside Optiver Shanghai

At the time of Optiver’s 1986 founding in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a monumental development was underway on the other side of the world. The first Chinese stock exchange counter had just opened in Shanghai. On the day of the opening, the stock exchange counter was swarming with crowds of people.

Since its establishment as a port in 1843, Shanghai rapidly moved to the forefront of economics and foreign trade in China. However, the city’s key to success wasn’t merely its geography; Shanghai’s diverse population, culture of innovation and focus on development also greatly contributed to it becoming an economic powerhouse.

Since the turn of the millennium, Shanghai has remained in the world’s spotlight as a booming financial centre. For this reason, Optiver was fated to establish a strong presence in the region. With their shared vision of shaping and improving the global financial market, Optiver and Shanghai have proven a fitting pair.

Indeed, Optiver has remained steadfast in its mission to improve the market, staying the course even in times of extreme volatility. As one of the oldest market-making institutions, Optiver is a trusted partner of exchanges around the globe, with offices in 8 cities spanning four continents. In 2012, the company set up a new base in Shanghai, where it continues to trade a wide range of products on the Chinese financial market and provide liquidity for various financial derivatives.

Optiver’s state-of-the-art Shanghai office is located in one of the most influential financial epicenters: the Lujiazui Financial City in Pudong. The location, however, isn’t the only standout factor – the office’s interior design is equally world class.

Optiver’s Shanghai office meeting rooms pay homage to the flourishing of the Amsterdam Exchange in the 17th century. You might have a morning meeting in “Porcelain,” and later discuss the progress of a project in “Cane Sugar.” At the Optiver office in Shanghai, commodities once coveted on the original trading floor are juxtaposed against today’s modern financial technology.

There are also many hidden surprises woven throughout the office’s design. Take a look at the picture below. Does anything unique catch your attention?

As you may recognize, the front desk was designed to resemble a ship, which holds a strong symbolism for our company for the following reasons:

  • Ships are a focal point of Optiver’s history. Our company is from the Netherlands, a country that carved out a name for itself in the 17th century due to its strength in maritime trade.
  • Like a ship out to sea, Optiver aims to propel the financial market forward, navigating all tides and sail to new distances.
  • By anchoring ourselves in the port city of Shanghai, we aim to become a trusted partner in the development of the Chinese financial markets. 

Optiver’s history and founding mission continue to define our company values, steer our future outlook and inspire us.

If you…

  • Have a positive mindset,
  • Believe in the power of technology,
  • Have sharp instincts when it comes to numbers,
  • Are curious about the world of Fintech…

Then Optiver is the place for you. Our Shanghai office is currently hiring. Visit our Careers page to learn more about the positions we’re offering.

Life at Optiver

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